SCAPE Sonic Portraits Workshops

Sonic Portrait Workshop Part 1
Scape Art Central, Corner of Gloucester & Colombo St, Christchurch City
Saturday 17 October 2015 11:00am – 12:30pm
Sonic Portrait Workshop Part 2
CPIT, Madras St, Christchurch City
Saturday 31 October 2015 11:00am – 1:00pm
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Bookings essential via SCAPE or email [hide_email]

The Cantabrian Society of Sonic Artists (CSSA) in partnership with SCAPE Public Art present Sonic Portraits, a unique exploration of self and world through sound via two workshops in the art of audio field recording and composition. The Auricle’s Sonic Portraits workshops offer a unique opportunity to compose a self-portrait through sound. Drawing on the practices of active listening, sound walking and field recording followed by multichannel audio mixing, participants will be guided through the composition of a sonic portrait of their lived, day-to-day experience of the sound environment they inhabit.

Part 1 is an introductory session explaining the basic concepts concerning active listening, and practical recording techniques. Between the introductory and editing sessions, participants will have two weeks to make recordings of their own, unique sound-environment at their discretion. No prior experience with recording, audio editing, or sound practices are required. All you need are open ears and a simple recording device, which could range from a smart phone to a stand-alone portable audio recorder.

Max MSP 101 Bootcamp Workshop

Screen-Shot-2013-04-14-at-10.17.48-AMThe Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Wednesday the 29th of April, 6th, and 13th of May, 2015
From 7:00pm
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The Auricle is running a series of workshops over the next few months, the first of which is an introductory course to Max MSP.

Max is a visual programming language designed for use with sound and multimedia. It is used by composers, electronic musicians, sound and media artists worldwide. The Auricle ambisonic surround sound system in the gallery is itself run on Max. Max is a highly versatile application for processing sonic and visual data that employs an accessible visual programming language that does not require to prior programming experience.

The Auricle will be hosting three MaxMSP 101 workshops, at 7-pm on Wednesday the 29th of April, the 6th of May, and the 13th of May.

The workshops will be free of charge.

In order to participate you just need to install a (month long) trial copy of Max (we will be using Max version 6) on your laptop from the link provided and come along to the workshops.

Please book in advance so we can gauge seating.

Bookings and info:
Download link:  (we will be using Max version 6)