Variations on Electroacoustic Feedback Vol I

CD album release: selection of field recordings / performances 2009-2011.

Album launch this Friday 2nd December at Kreation Art House 206 Barbadoes Street, Christchurch, New Zealand. Doors open 8pm with performances by Malcolm Riddoch & Stanier Black-Five, Kikkawa/Scowen and Adam Willetts.

Sound Spectrum vs Screenophilia

Microphone feedback via the Spectrum Project Space performed at Sound Spectrum experimental media night 11/11/2011

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Variation for 6 String Futurama Electric Bass

Feedback Performance at the Lyttelton Cellar, Lyttelton New Zealand 1/10/2011 alongside IDG and Bruce Russell.
Futurama 6 string electric bass guitar -> computer -> amplifier with microphone/acoustic space controlling the parameterization of the electronics.

Variation for 6 String Futurama Electric Bass

Photograph by Jo Burzynska