Beer and Music Evening with Harrington’s

beer-n-musicThe Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery
Friday February 20, 2015
7 to 9pm
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Just as drinks are complemented by food that enhances their flavours and aromas, sound waves have a profound effect on the perception of taste. Craft beer enthusiasts and music lovers are invited to join us to experiment in a multi-sensory tasting of well-paired beer and music.

While enjoying your welcome glass of seasonal beer, wine critic and sound artist Jo Burzynska will introduce you to the concept of taste and music matching. Harrington’s brewer and experienced musician, Mike Cheer will then lead you through the tasting of three premium beers, paired with complementary tracks specially composed by eclectic DJ Jack Quas.

After a short culinary break, you will savour three more beers from Harrington’s Brewers Selection, to which local performers Reuben Derrick, Misha Marks, IRD, Malcolm Riddoch and Richard Keys will accompany with live improvisations inspired by each ale.

Places limited and cost $30 for the evening, including all beers.
Booking essential via Eventfinder

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