Lines of Flight


Aletheia Ensemble at the Lines of Flight Festival
7.30pm Thursday 19 March, 2015
Dunedin Public Art Gallery, The Octagon
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The legendary Lines of Flight experimental music festival returns to Dunedin in March as part of the 2015 Dunedin Fringe Festival. It features sixteen hours of performances, showcasing experimentation across a wide range of musical genres: from trancelike drones to fiery free jazz, from delicate electro-acoustics to roaring walls of noise, from cutting edge digital technology to ingenious homemade instruments.

The opening night at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery will include Christchurch electroacoustic group the Aletheia Ensemble and also Stanier Black Five. Her piece ‘Oenosthesia’ is a multi-sensory performance exploring the synergies between sound and taste, and was originally created during an artist’s residency in Southern Italy.

Plus the highlights from the first announcement: Our Love Will Destroy the World’s ecstatic noise, Jeff Henderson and Hermione Johnson’s superb saxophone and prepared piano duo, the hypnotic analogue synth beats of the mysterious Omit, improvised psych/rock from Dunedin’s Eye, turntable cut-up mastery from Wellington’s Alphabethead, a rare performance by the godfathers of free noise A Handful of Dust, featuring Bruce Russell and Alastair Galbraith, and a very rare live outing by the Sandoz Lab Technicians.

Tickets are available via the Dunedin Fringe Festival website,

The lineups for each show (in playing order) are as follows:

Thursday 19 March – Dunedin Public Art Gallery, The Octagon, 7.30pm
– Radio Cegeste
– Stanier Black-Five
– Aletheia Ensemble
– Jeff Henderson and Hermione Johnson

Friday 20 March – Chicks Hotel, Port Chalmers, 8pm
– Noel Meek
– The Ladder is Part of the Pit
– Sonny Carver
– Eye
– Peter Kolovos
– Omit

Saturday 21 March – The Anteroom, Masonic Lodge, Port Chalmers, 1pm
– Birdation
– Teen Haters
– Sandoz Lab Technicians
– A Handful of Dust

Saturday 21 March – Chicks Hotel, Port Chalmers, 8pm
– Nick Graham
– Rubbish Film Unit
– Two To Tutu Too
– Alphabethead
– Olympus
– Our Love Will Destroy the World