Decibel at PICA – A Voice from a Dark Space

Concert 1: A Voice From a Dark Space
Sold out performance on March 28 8pm PICA and featured mezzo soprano Caitlin Cassidy.
Photography by Lisa Businovski

Malcolm Riddoch (AUS) – Variation on Electroacoustic Feedback for Multiband EQ, Flute and Cello (2010).
Cornelius Cardew (USA) –  The Tigers Mind  ‘Night Piece’ (1967)
Julian Day (AUS)- Beginning to Collapse (2008) for ensemble [WA premiere].
Cat Hope (AUS): Longing (2011) for viola, cello, timpani, bass clarinet, laptop [world premiere]
Alan Lamb (AUS )- Musicians Coping with Infinity (2011)  for infinity machine and players [world premiere]
Ennio Morricone (IT): Sacco and Vanzetti (arranged by Decibel)
Adam Trainer (AUS)– Drone Mosaic (2010) [world premiere]
Lindsay Vickery (AUS ): Night Fragments (2011) for soprano, flute, soprano saxophone, viola, cello, keyboard and electronics.

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