Musical Networks in Experimental Electronic Performance

Dr Malcolm Riddoch & Jarryd Bird

The paper outlines three practical uses for Inter- net and LAN networks in the performance of electronic and electroacoustic music currently utilized in teaching and learning at WAAPA Composition and Music Technology, Edith Cowan University: From live streaming audio broadcasts connecting virtual performers around the world, to synchronised electronic graphic scores and on to distributed computing networks utilizing Max/MSP over UDP to produce multichannel spatial music works. The use of musical networks enables the electronic com- poser to integrate virtual ensembles and/or large amounts of data distributed over LAN and the Internet. These networks and their technological setups also both open up and form the limits of the possibilities for electronic composition and are particularly useful for indeterminate ap- proaches to highly structured improvisation in electronic composition and performance.

Presented at AUC CreateWorld 2010

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