On a Community of Auricular Praxis

Of all the activities necessary and present in human communities, only two were deemed to be political and to constitute what Aristotle called the bios politikos, namely action (praxis) and speech (lexis), out of which rises the realm of human affairs … from which everything merely necessary or useful is excluded.
Hannah Arendt, The Human Condition.

The Borderline Ballroom collective formed around a kernel of like-minded sonic arts practitioners in Christchurch New Zealand c. 2007 in order to provide a creative outlet for sonic experimentation in Canterbury and beyond. Over the following 7 years the collective developed a community of praxis in Canterbury that became an active, regional locus in a nationwide sonic arts network that continues to support emerging and established, local, national and international sonic artistsi. It is this enduring community of praxis, both pre and post the Canterbury earthquakes, that created the potential and formed the executive basis for the Borderline Ballroom’s legal incorporation as the Cantabrian Society of Sonic Artists (CSSA) and the development of its Auricle Sonic Arts Galleryii in 2013….

Introduction to Writing Around Sound I, Journal of the CSSA

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