ZEITBLUT – live intermedia electroacoustic performance

By Tatjana Šešerko and Malcolm Riddoch will take place in the context of the Triennial of Expanded Artistic Media – Belgrade 2010 at the Studentski Kulturni Centar (SKC) Kralja Milana 4, Belgrade, Serbia on 01.09.2010

“Zeitblut” was recently enacted at the Kurb Gallery in Northbridge – it is an interesting reinterpretive action that substituted fresh perspective upon the well known irony of Peter Weibel’s original piece coupled with Valie Export’s “Remote…Remote” (and subsequent works by Mike Parr and Peter Kennedy). The interrogative wealth of Šešerko/Riddoch’s performative illustration lies within the stuttered dislocation of live narrowcast imagery with the intuitive immediacy of sound construction that evolves over the duration of the performance. Visually and aurally it is a very dramatic construction.”
(Dr Peter Mudie)

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